My name is Jarvis Vaughn and I’m the owner and primary operator of Infinity Carpet Cleaning. I started this company in 2017, while I was in medical school en route to becoming a physician.

People tell me that I’m crazy for giving up the opportunity to help people maintain their health to clean up for them instead. Maybe they’re right? But I have a deep passion for cleaning carpet. I think I understand it better than most and am sure that functionally, no one is going to do a better job.

My vision for this company is that one day we’ll become synonymous with carpet cleaning! Much like the company with the yellow trucks. The biggest benefit to choosing me for this work is that I put my heart and soul into every job. None of my previous 1500+ clients can say that I was dishonest about pricing, rushed through their job, or did anything other than my best. The driving factor for me is to not have any clients to regret having used me. Nowadays you have to be careful who you let into your home. You can trust me in your homes. You can trust me to clean for you. Give me a call if you need me.