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Our approach to carpet cleaning: Steps to effective, long lasting cleaning.

Our approach to carpet cleaning is simple. We take our time and do the best job that we can, to deliver you the best results possible. We don’t cut corners and stand behind our work 100%. 

Step 1. A good thorough vacuuming, is the first step in getting the best carpet cleaning results possible.

Dry soil removal is the first step to achieving great carpet cleaning results. Think of this, is it easier to remove dry dirt or mud. We use Kirby Vacuum Cleaners with HEPA Vacuum bags, to thoroughly remove as much dirt as possible before beginning our cleaning process. 

Step 2. Spot Treatments

Spot treatments are essential for those non-dirt stains that are deeply embedded in the carpet. It’s important to differentiate a spot versus a stain. A spot is temporary discoloration of the carpet that has altered its appearance, and can be removed with less aggressive solutions.  A stain is permanent alteration of the carpets composition, that requires aggressive solutions to remove. Spots are easily removed. Stains removal requires training and expertise. It’s impossible to guarantee the complete removal of every stain, but we do guarantee that we’ll do our best. 

Stain Removal in Fayetteville, NC: Before and After of Purple Ink Stain

Step 3. Conditioning with Alkaline Agent

You may have heard this step called, “pre-treatment” or something to that effect. We call it conditioning because that’s the more accurate way to describe this. We change the condition of the carpets pH. Normally the carpet is around 7pH-8pH, depending on what’s located within the fibers. During this step, we increase the pH so that dirt dissociation from the fibers is promoted. We use different alkaline surfactant agents, and/or different polymers to achieve this conditioning. The agent we choose depends on the composition of the fibers and the overall soiling level of the carpet.   

Step 4. Mechanical agitation

Mechanical agitation is the process of mechanically mixing the chemicals onto the carpet. The better the chemicals are mixed, the more solubilization you have of the dirt. The more solubilzation you have, the more dirt is removed. The more dirt removed, the better the aesthitics and sanitization of your carpets. We use the counter rotation brush machine, or a buffer with a carpet brush on the bottom to do this step. 

CRB Agitation really improves the quality of the service.

Step 5. Hot Water Extraction aka Steam Cleaning

This is our favorite step. It is the step where the dirt is actually removed. Think for a minute about taking a shower or washing dishes. After scrubbing and getting a good lather, you rinse yourself or the dishes off, leaving behind a clean surface. That’s exactly what we’re doing here, rinsing the carpets and sucking up the dirt. Leaving behind a clean surface. Depending on the conditioning solution, we use a neutralizing acidic solution to return the carpets to a pH around neutral. This allows the carpet to dry soft, it mitigates against the chance of wicking or browning occurring. 

Step 6. Grooming and Pile Lifting

After the carpet is cleaned, we groom it and lift the pile. We can do this manually with a carpet rake but usually use a CRB. The purpose of this step is to leave the carpet, as a whole in an aesthetically pleasing state and in a position where it dries fast. This mitigates against wicking concerns and increases the longevity of your results. See the plushness of the carpet below. That is how clean carpet should look. 

Additional Steps to leave your carpets cleaner and fresher:

  • Air Movers for accelerated drying
  • Bonnet Cleaning with Oscillating pad machine
  • Scotchgard Application for Stain Prevention
  • Deodorization Application (Japanese Pear, Floral, Clean Linen, etc)
  • Enzyme Post-Application
  • EPA Disinfectant Application

You decide the exact carpet cleaning steps we take, during your service visit, with our revolutionary packaged based pricing. See the options below.

Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Care Packages:

We have different options available to get your carpets even cleaner. These are non-standard options and add-ons.

If one of our experts or technicians feels that one of these options may benefit you by improving  the quality of your results, they will present you the option and you would have to first approve before we proceed. This is because we know that no one likes surprises, least of all, clients.  

Santization, Disinfection, or Sterilzation, what's the difference?

Hot Water Extraction aka Steam Cleaning

Very Low Moisture Cleaning aka Dry Encapsulation

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